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Feb 21, 2008


Tony Recupero

interesting piece, might be interesting to dig deeper into how people living in countries that tend to me more socialist in philosophy substitute these activities for entrepreneurial activities. There are clearly cultural influences, but also financial achievement may not be recognized. I saw this growing up in a small blue collar upstate New York town.

Matthew Scott


Great commentary you provided.

It is interesting that a country like Denmark has such a high-tax base at around 50% of their income that their is not more issues related with work advancement.

Another recent interview on 60 minutes this weekend where talented Dutch workers were interviewed and many of them had either traveled or worked in America really looked honestly confused when discussing the typical American work schedule.

I know this is not unique to America, but I believe more and more people are recognizing that the problem is when one does not have anything else to fill the "void", so they attempt to fill with work.

It could be fun or horrible work, but filling the "void" with work...



I really loved this article. I think the most disturbing line in it for me, however, was the one about leaving the babies in strollers unattended. That's a type of happiness I never wanna find. ;)

Thanks so much for posting here! Looking forward to more!


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