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Feb 25, 2008



You Go Girl!

i think id just give up if they kept saying no to me like that. I hope you get your loan soon!



Dear Katie, i am already so proud of you and can visualise your success even now.

Keep up the spirit,your grit & determination is what makes the difference between sucess & failure.



don't give up..i'm young in buisness too n when i started i had major issues.i am an event manager in nigeria n basically i started with nothing but i did not stop. i remember after the first party i planned there was nothing to do for months. i entered the new year with a really positive attitude cos i know every great thing has it's days of struggle,whether financial or even having people around u that don't believe u'll make it.this phase u are in will soon pass n u'll be amazed n when u look back,u'll see that after this experience,there 'll be nothing u cannot handle. your friend

Shade Uudokang

This is a stepping stone to ur success. Am excited at ur positive attitude and convinced that soon ur sun will shine. Am in ur shoes and am determined never to let go of my dream. Business plan ready waiting for funding to take-off inspite of the setback, it is like a fire burning in my soul which can never die hang on cos you will have cause to be thankful for.Godbless.


Never give up so far as you are alive!!! keep it up girl.

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