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Feb 28, 2008


Cale Bruckner

There's a talented Guerrilla Marketer in the halls of your local urology institute. Personally, the promise of free pizza and frozen pees wouldn't be enough to make me pick up the phone. On the other hand, 24 wives probably made the call. I'd advertising in the parenting magazines. -- Cale

Matthew Scott

As the Captain of the "V" club in my neighborhood after the birth of our third child, I love this creative approach.

It made me think of a Dateline episode. The experiment was on accountability and persuasion.

An advertisement offered a year of free fitness training. The deal was that you had to pose naked for pictures on day 1. If you did not accomplish your mutual goals with trainer than your picture was allowed to be posted on web page.

Every single person who responded to advertisement achieved and maintained their fitness and body image goals.

Matthew Scott, M.S.
men@pause coach
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Beth Anne Whalen

That is one of the most creative incentives I have ever heard in the dog-eat-dog world of fitness club marketing. Sounds like it was a good proposition to all involved. Thanks for the comment, Matthew!

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