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Oct 16, 2007


Carlos Butler

I agree with your comments to a degree. I was a former call center manager and I can understand the frustrations of the consumer due to the simple fact, I didn't manage a call center 24 hours a day. You stated that companies should hire people with brains. In my opinion it should be more like, "Companies should hire employees that are able to think "outside of the box". The second problem is companies policies and procedures are too rigid. A lot of customer service reps truly want to help, but their guidelines only give them so much room. In your case, yes the rep should of been proactive in their listening skills and should of known that a 14 month old should be on the same itinerary as the parents, just in case a flight was rescheduled. That goes more along the lines of a linear thinker and not "thinking outside of the box. If a person has not worked in multiple call center environments their is no basis for comparision on what is a great way of doing things and what just downright sucks. By no means am I implying you haven't worked in multiple call centers b/c I don't know your background, I am just stating that in the corporate environment today, a lot of employers want reps to "build houses with tape and glue" instead of giving them hammers and nails. So in your future dealings please bear this in mind. Most of the time when a rep says they can't do something it is accurate, "they" can't. Their manager most likely can. Now not playing to the call center reps defense. You will run into those few that are lazy and know they can do it, but won't b/c they don't want to take the time. People like that I make a nice little file for and before they know it they are getting additional training and if that doesn't work, then they will be working elsewhere.

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