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Dec 04, 2007



thanks for this info!

Darrel Hawes

Great post. Business owners often forget that they can be earning money and still go bankrupt, if they invest too heavily in inventory or equipment, or if they fail to manage receivables.

Business owners would do well to heed your advice.

Abubakar G. Basakkwace

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I am a resident of Nigeria west Africa. our major problem is we can't get original software except piorated. please advice on how to get original package.

You can order our software directly from us.

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'Chelle Parmele
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williams Ndukwe

yes,it's a good post but how can i join your business coaching club

Hi Williams,

I'm not sure what you mean by our business coaching club?

'Chelle Parmele
Palo Alto Software


thanks. got the best entreprenueral centre.

i need some help on school hostel and accommodation business plan.

am about to start a restaurant. can u help. kick off.
savior- accra ghana.

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