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Feb 13, 2008



you can turn just about anything into a fun and creative business! The beauty of operating on the net is the lack of capital required. Of course it is not just a walk in the park, however it is fun. I have been using muvar on my blogs to make sure that I am getting the best possible conversion and it works every time. Good ol statistics. I enjoyed your post and will certainly have something to think about while eating my cereal in the morning ;-)

Campus Entrepreneurship

Hi guys. I have been impressed with cereality since I learned about it a few years ago. Not only is the idea brilliant, but their presentation of cereal is great. Check out their site. I have no doubt that people will pay (ie Starbucks) for something they can make at home if it makes their lives easier.

Kristen Langham

Great point about Starbucks being a perfect example of people paying for something they can just as easily make at home. Starbucks is certainly more than just a coffee house, and hopefully Cereality will follow in its footsteps!

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