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Feb 04, 2008



Great inspiring story. Parents are a great influence to children. They could shape us into what we are today. I hope to shape my children also into successful entrepreneurs someday. Goodluck to your business, may it become more prosperous in the coming years.

As entrepreneurs you might be interested to know about the Young Entrepreneur Society from the www.YoungEntrepreneurSociety.com It is an interesting documentary about successfule entrepreneurs.

Chelle Parmele

Thanks for the comment, Balin.

It's a great story, isn't it? Mark and Mary Ann have a great dream and the drive to make it come true.

And it doesn't hurt that we're all massive fans of the restaurant too. ;)


Thank you for the wonderful story. I wish you ongoing success for many, many years to come.


curt dunivan

Noticed that you can own a frachise, would like info ,am very interested, love the food.
I just had surgery and the soup is all i can eat at this time,love it

Thanks Curt

Chelle Parmele

Hi Curt,

The best way to get in touch with Mark and Mary Ann about any franchise opportunities would be contacting them directly through their website: www.cafeyumm.com I'm sure they'll be happy to hear from you!


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