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Mar 19, 2008


Chris Bonney

I like your post. Seems to be a hot topic lately. I was seeing so many blog posts about email signatures that I posted on it myself.


Always nice to see another blogger carrying the same flame. Keep up the good work.

Matthew Scott


Like you, I believe our email signature is an often overlooked revenue or information seeking opportunity.

About six months ago, I decided to grow bold from lame signature to Call-to-Action.

If you received an email from me it would contain the following P.S. addition with a link to my men@pause seminars website:

P.S. Want instant access to my men@pause tele-seminars and workshops where I equip you for professional success and personal significance before you too dead to regret...? Join me now!

It has really been successful. I change it up every other month or so depending on where I want to drive people.

Great post.

Google men@pause

Chelle Parmele


The first time I saw your sig line that said, "I want you to help me write my book!" I had to stop and really think about it. "But he hardly knows me!!"

It gave me a good chuckle once I'd figured it out. ;)


Kristen Langham

Great comments - it's interesting that email signatures can be such a hot topic. A signature seems like such a small and simple part of an email; but the content (or lack there of) can certainly convey a very clear message.

Chris, I like your top 11 list of what it takes to have a great signature, and I wish more people would follow #1 - "Don't say too little". However, it is interesting that #2 and #3 seem to counter what Matthew includes in his signature; and that he has found success with this.

Thanks for the comments - it's great to hear that others find this seemingly simple topic interesting as well!

Barry Moltz

Thanks for the mention of my post on email signatures. I thought this signature from Booksurge really gave me more confidence in their customer service. I have been researching customer service as a topic for tmy third book.

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