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Apr 01, 2008


john derrick

Something you might find interesting: As the economy cools, companies are starting to shrink their travel budgets — a move likely to put further strain on struggling airlines. Hotels, car-rental agencies and restaurants, which along with airlines employ roughly 4 percent of U.S. workers, will also feel the pinch. So far, travel bookings are holding up. But corporate travel managers are taking a more active role in keeping on-the-road spending in check: — Employees are increasingly being asked to provide an economic rationale for their trips. — Rules that require employees to book the lowest fare, stay in pre-approved hotels or double-up in cars and rooms are being enforced more strictly.


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Rob Towns

Small business owners must never be satisfied and settle for the status quo. If they do this, they will fail. Markets are too competitive to become lackadaisical. The key to growing a business is offering continued focus on the "critical few" vs. the "trivial many." The critical few are the things that are most important to the survival of your business. As a blatant example, don't waste your time ordering swag, focus on lead generation and lead conversion.

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