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Apr 02, 2008



Great article.

You might want to try www.Measuredup.com a leading customer service review website where people share reviews with other users and with companies. Companies that are involved with and value customer service read Measuredup to keep up on what people are saying and to be able to improve customer service.

Your disputes could be resolved using MeasuredUp if the company you reviewed reads your review or another consumer could give you advice. When you have good things to say a company could reward you.

It is free and easy to use and your info is private.

I have tried some other sites that are also good but really like this one.

Kristen Langham

Thanks for the information on www.Measuredup.com, Marc. I am not familiar with this site, but I will definitely be checking it out and sharing it with others in our company.

Restaurant Marketing

I had never heard of www.Mesuredup.com either, but it sounds like a great idea, in theory at least. Thanks for all the helpful information.

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